Part Deux.

I created this blog 3 years ago when I was trapped somewhere in between helped and helpless. I figured it was time to get back into the game, for I need a hobby of sorts. I never got very far. I’m notorious for starting things and not finishing them– so I’ll give it another try. We’ll see where it lands. I’m not here to entertain anyone, but if you found yourself here by some random act of clicking, so be it! Perhaps I’ll take the direction I had originally planned with this, perhaps I won’t. At this point I only live in today and can’t expect much more. 

If you do come here, I only expect peace and kind words from you. I don’t live like an animal anymore. I’m not perfect, but I try to be a kind person!

(You’ll also learn that my thoughts run from one thing to the next without warning!)


This is me. Lets do it. 

It’s Scuttlevision.

To the start of yet another blog in this overpopulated internet world.

I’m Scuttle, a young female who is itching to write, but just couldn’t find exactly what to say. I sorted through my mind what exactly I could do with my blogging. I had it narrowed down to personal challenges and personal interests. I’ve decided to take a little bit of both to make one super blog on personal wellness! Why, you ask?

I’m an obsessive Googler. I research everything that has to do with my mind and body. As some of you probably may know, it’s hard to read something written by someone who is getting paid for it. If you’re like me, you can picture that writer sitting in a cubicle, jotting down whatever is being barked at them. Reading anything beauty and wellness related always ends in me thinking, “Well…. do they know that these tips are effective or is this just something they are being told to write?” It leaves me feeling a little uneasy at times. I’m a woman of personal review and triumph, and I’m here to tell you what works for me and what could work for you too.

In future Scuttling, you will find advice and reviews on anything to do with your well being. These subjects could range from beauty to weight management to mental stability. I feel as if having a personal opinion from a real person can greatly help someone along in whatever battles they may be handling. Keep checking back for updates! Tell your friends!

Also, if there is anything you don’t see here that you’d be interested in reading, feel free to contact me. I’m friendly and do have the time. :)